Getting to take these photos was not only so special for the Wolf family but for myself as well. Back in January of 2017 I had gotten a call to take some newborn photos. I was unable to share them at the time because the Wolf’s were in the very early stages of starting the adoption process.

I always thought of them from time to time and wondered how their story ended. Well turns out it never ended - it was only beginning! When their little one turned 18 months old I got a call asking me to photograph his adoption ceremony! How fun! So much joy!

About a week afterwards we did a family photo session - a family photo session where they all shared the same last name. And as evidenced by the smile on everyones face. I am pretty certain his happy “ending” is only just beginning.

Thank you to the Wolf family for entrusting me with capturing such incredibly special memories for your family. I am truly humbled and have loved being able to witness and document your journey!