I booked my lifestyle newborn session what now?

Newborn lifestyle sessions happen in the comfort of your home usually around late morning. The focus is on your family in your everyday routine and capturing all the special details and small moments. The session is a mixture of posed and unposed set ups I will help direct and as I like to say “shoot through them”. Capturing your natural interactions and emotions with your new baby in between. These sessions last two to three hours and we will take plenty of breaks for diaper changes and feedings so don't worry if you find yourself with an alert baby!

Session Checklist

  • Try to keep baby awake for a minimum of 1 hour prior to our session (if you are having a hard time keeping him/her awake a bath should do the trick!) Avoid bathing them however if their skin is especially flaky - sometimes a bath makes it worse

  • In the 12 hours leading up to our session feed the baby as much as possible

  • Half an hour before I arrive, I will ask you to start feeding baby - and to keep feeding until he/she literally won't take anymore

  • Dress baby in a swaddle the morning of our session with just a diaper. We will move directly into a prop swaddle and it’s easier to keep them happy with minimal outfit changes

  • If siblings are included prep them for the photo session but do not stress if they are not cooperative. They are toddlers after all! It's usually fairly easy to incorporate them candidly.

  • I aim to end all my sessions with babies in their birthday suits. If you are concerned about your outfit being peed or pooped on - please have a backup ready!