The morning I woke up and read my email from Jen I thought I was still dreaming.

As for style for the shoot, I’m open to ideas and would love to hear how you best love to capture expecting mothers. The shoot would just be me (and if we an get our golden retriever puppy to cooperate for a few shots). I love the idea of elegance. Long white beautiful dress with amazing landscape in the background (symbolic looking trees, etc) and golden lighting.

Long white dress? Golden light? Sweeping landscapes? A PUPPY! Needless to say I was so excited to collaborate with Jen and produce the images she was hoping for. We decided we would venture up Mt. Diablo (she had never been!) and upon my ideas stop at various loactions along the way for pictures. We checked off all her boxes and this is one session I will absolutely treasure, plus getting to know Jen and her husband was a lot of fun too.

She's as nice as she is gorgeous and I hope you enjoy the art we captured! I even convinced her husband to sneak in at the very end ;)